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Content creation

Having a strategy is a crucial step, but implementing it is just as important! Content creation is time-intensive, so let us take care of this task. We will put into action the strategy you already have in place, or we will deploy the one we have developed specifically for you.

Simple content creation

Content type:

  • Photo

  • short video (less than 60 seconds)

  • Testimonials

From 300 CHF

Creation of elaborate content

Content type:

  • Long video (1-3 minutes)

800 and 1,500 CHF

Basic package


  • 1 post

  • 2 stories

  • 1 real

1,500 CHF

Standard Package


  • 2 posts

  • 3 stories

  • 2 reels

2,200 CHF

Premium Package


  • 2 posts

  • 4 stories

  • 3 reels

3,000 CHF

Marketing strategy

We develop a tailor-made marketing strategy to maximize your impact and achieve your business objectives. We analyze your market and your competitors to create an effective action plan.

Without a strategy, your business risks wasting time and resources, missing growth opportunities, and failing to effectively reach your target audience.

Social media strategy and management

Daily management of publications, responses to comments and direct messages, engagement with the community.

From 2,000 CHF per platform per month

Global strategy

You don't know how or where to communicate? We analyze all the possibilities for you and help you choose them according to your project and your budget.

From 5,000.- CHF

Basic package

Monthly management of a platform + 1 simple content creation.


3,500 CHF/month​

Standard package

Monthly management 2 platforms + 2 simple content creation.

4,500 CHF/month

Premium package

Monthly management of 3 platforms + 3 simple content creation.


5,000 CHF/month​

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